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    12 March 2021

    This is probably the saddest anniversary we've celebrated at Club chUrch- and god knows how much we celebrated!

    On Thursday 12th March 2020 we entered the first lockdown. No 'Blue' that evening- staff, Djs, the House of Hopelezz and Erwin, our doorman, were called off duty. The doors of chUrch closed. Now a year later an overwhelming pandemic still has the world in its grip.

    We've all been through a lot, tears have flown, and chUrch became the sleeping beauty dreaming of endless nights of dancing, sex, sweat and tears.

    But a mirror ball shines on the horizon! Because we know that this year a twink, lad, furry bear, sportswearboy, daddy, leather drag, boy next door, drag queen or king, or the whole queer community will suck ChUrch awake! 🎉

    We're counting on you to come party & cruise with us as soon as we reopen!

    Stay safe and see y'all back in chUrch!

    The ChUrch Team💋