17 december, 21 january


The party for the fetish lover since 2005. You will find guys in gear ready for action - a great way to end your weekend

Strict dress code is enforced for the pleasure of all our guests
Want to get in? then be sure you're dressed for it!

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Dress code: Leather, Rubber, Full Uniform, Skin gear, Army, Neoprene

Or Black jockstrap in combinations with leather, harness, vest or chaps, and boots

Jockstraps are for sale, but you need to bring the rest

No drag and no nazi-symbols no streetwear

For safety reasons wearing shoes or boots is compulsory

Footwear: Boots, shoes, or sneakers all black or dark, so leave your white or colorful ones at home

16:00 - 20:00
men only
€ 10 (no pre-sale)

dj mo'cum and guests