31 december

hoerenbal - hookers ball

u might get laid but u won't get paid!

31 december - studio 69 - grab ‘em by the disco balls

get your platforms out, slip on some bell bottoms and re-live the 1970s at the most famous club in the world, church. be a superstar, suck a celebrity and get a boney m on at our exclusive over-the-top, vey glittery studio 69 party.

dress code (appreciated but not compulsory)- farah fawcett, playboy bunny, vip, sideburns, turtleneck shirt, the bee gees, hot pants, the village people, elton john’s glasses, lava lamp, whore, slut, paparazzi, macrame fetish gear, vicar, naked, etc

line up
thijs weijland mmiv
dj moog

see also facebook

22:00 - very late
for all genders & sexualities
€ 32,56 pre-sale (incl. fee) / € 35 at door

note if you don't have pre-sale, we will release last 50 tickets at the door at 10pm

gaygotickets.com pre-sale: