30 june, 25 august, 27 october

hoerenbal - hookers ball

u might get laid but u won't get paid!

we welcome whores, pimps, gigolos, tarts and vicars. exchange of tricks encouraged, no privacy or discretion

30 june - hoerenbal goes superball

our girls from the house of hopelezz are competing at superball 2018 - 7 july - paradiso against other amazing drag houses!
meet all our queens and give them your support and party the night away!

no strict dress code but dragqueen, dragking, genderqueer, slutty, nutty, horny, corny, freaky or cheeky attire appreciated

with dj hansom, dj moog, dj gian battista, vj alex kaseta and performances by the house of hopelezz

check facebook for latest info

22:00 - 05:00
€ 12,50
all genders & sexualities welcome