Ladz, (z)onderbroek, wasteland afterparty, undercover


Style of music?
Techno, techhouse, tribal and a little juice of bigroom. Driving basslines & beats do it for me. A little vocal sample but definitely not too poppy.

Why do you like to play (on this night) at Church?
At Ladz, I've been resident dj from the start, I have a personal click with the theme. Generally, Church offers the widest spectre of theme nights, something for everyone in cruising AND provides a cozy but vibing dancefloor with a large diversity in the audience. A good balance between loyal regular guests and tourists from all over the world.

What is the vibe you like to create for your audience?
I like to play the delicate balance between dark, sleazy beats that stimulate people to cruise and just enough uplifting techhouse/bigroom to keep the dancefloor and bar also busy. Afters are the most rewarding gigs to play, because of the high "energy" levels and motivation in the audience. More DJRW:

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